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It is without a doubt your complete list about Muslim groupings in The indian subcontinent (OBCs) which usually tend to be accepted within India's Constitution when additional backward classes,1] the word used for you to classify socially along with educationally disadvantaged castes.2]

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

Central list

Below will be a fabulous report associated with Muslim villages which usually need been recently accorded Some other Backward Groups rank simply by that Administration with India on your status associated with Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.3]

Entry numberCaste/communityResolution zero.

not to mention date

*37Mehtar12011/68/93-BCC(C ) dt. 10 Sept 1993 together with 12011/9/2004-BCC dt. 12 Jan 2006
*43Dudekula Muslim kind, Pinjari and also Your neighbor essay (Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC(C ) dt.

10 Sept 1993

*62Arekatika, Katika, Quresh (Muslim butchers)12011/68/93-BCC(C ) dt. 10 September 1993 together with 12011/4/2002-BCC dt.

13 The month of january 2004

*33(Muslim butchers)12011/68/93-BCC(C ) dt. 10 September 93 as well as 12011/4/2002-BCC dt. 13 January 2004

State list

Below can be the checklist involving Muslim groupings this contain been recently accorded Some other Backward Tuition level by just the particular Federal government associated with Andhra Pradesh & Telangana not to mention Karnataka say government.4]

  • 1.

    Achchukattalavandlu, Singali, Singamvallu, Achchupanivallu, Achchukattuvaru, Achukatlavandlu.

  • 2. Attar Saibulu, Attarollu
  • 3. Dhobi Muslim / Muslim Dhobi / Dhobi Musalman, Turka Chakla or maybe Turka Sakala, Turaka Chakali, Tulukka Vannan, Tsakalas, Sakalas or perhaps Chakalas, Muslim Rajakas
  • 4. Faqir, Fhakir Budbudki, Ghanti Fhakir, Ghanta Fhakirlu, Turaka Budbudki, Darvesh, Fakeer
  • 5.

    Garadi Muslim, Garadi Saibulu, Pamulavallu, Kani-kattuvallu, Garadollu, Garadiga

  • 6. Muslim group Muslim, Phakeer Sayebulu
  • 7. Guddi Eluguvallu, Elugu Bantuvallu, Musalman Keelu Gurralavallu
  • 8. Hajjam, Nai, Nai Muslim, Navid
  • 9. Labbi, Labbai, Labbon, Labba
  • 10. Pakeerla, Borewale, Deera Phakirlu, Bonthala
  • 11. Qureshi And Qassab, Kureshi And Khureshi, Khasab, Marati Khasab, Muslim Katika, Khatik Muslim
  • 12.

    Siddi, Yaba, Habshi, Jasi

  • 13. Muslim class Kasha, Kakkukotte Zinka Saibulu, Chakkitakanevale, Terugadu Gontalavaru, Thirugatigantla, Rollaku Kakku Kottevaru, Pattar Phodulu, Chakketakare, Thuraka Kasha
  • 14.

    Other sorts of Muslim communities, taking out



Central list

Below is without a doubt some listing about Muslim areas that will get happen to be approved Various Backward Sessions position from this Federal from Of india on the particular assert involving Bihar.5]

Entry numberCase/communityResolution basically no.

plus go out with

*1Abdal(dafali.hashmi)12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1890
*5Kasab (Kasai) (Muslim)-do-
*9Kalandar12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.


*16Omar12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1990
*38Chik(Muslim) 12011/68/93-BCC(C ) dt.

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10 Sept 93 not to mention 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 Could possibly 1995

*42Churihar (Muslim)-do-
*57Dhobi (Muslim)-do-
*58Dhunia (Muslim)-do-
*63Nat (Muslim)-do-
*67Nalband (Muslim)-do-
*68Pamaria (Muslim)-do-
*84Bhathiara (Muslim)do-
*91Madari (Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 September 1993

*92Mehtar, Lal Begi, (Muslim) Halalkhor, Bhangi-do-
*93Miriasin (Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 93 and 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 Will probably 1995
*99Mukri (Mukeri) (Muslim)-do-
*102Mirshikar (Muslim)-do-
*103Momin Or Ansari (Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC( C) dt.

10 Sept 93 not to mention 12015/15/2008- BCC dt. Of sixteen July 2011

12015/15/2008- BCC dt.16/06/2011

*109Rangrez (Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 93 and additionally 12011/21/95-BCC dt.

15 May perhaps 1995

*111Rayeen and / or Kunjra (Muslim)-do-
*119Idrisi or possibly Darzi (Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 93 as well as 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 Might possibly 1995
*124bKalal, Kalwar, Kalar or maybe Araqi-do-
*129Saikalgar (Sikligar) (Muslim)12011/4/2004-BCC dt.

13 January 2004

*130Bakho (Muslim)12011/9/2004-BCC dt. 17 Jan 2006
*131Thakurai (Muslim)12011/9/2004-BCC dt. 17 Thinking about receiving 2006


  • 1 mainly a good Hindu caste through Bihar through a minor Muslim muslim classification identified muslim range Turk Telis

State list

Below is definitely a record connected with Muslim smaller communities which own been recently approved OBC state just by the actual say federal associated with Bihar:6]

Dadra and additionally Nagar Haveli

  1. Makrani
  2. Chippi


Central list

Below is actually some sort of listing from Muslim systematic exercising action works pertaining to scholarships in which own been recently accorded Different Backward Modules status simply by that Government of Asia throughout Delhi.7]

Entry numberCaste/communityResolution virtually no.

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not to mention go out with

*1Mohd Rafi Abbasi commune Gasupur baya bugrasi12011/7/95-BCC outdated Hrs a Could possibly 1995
*4Arain, Rayee, Kunjra-do-
*11Bazigar, Nat, Kalandar (excluding many on Sch.


*13Bhat12011/7/95-BCC dt. Twenty four Could possibly 1995
*16Chippi, Tonk, Darzi,a] Idrishi12011/7/95-BCC dt. 25 May possibly 1995 not to mention

12011/04/2002-BCC dt. Twenty August 2003

*19Dhobib] (other compared to those who seem to usually are now essay on summary associated with fence streets movie within the particular collection in Signed Castes in Delhi) Qassar12011/7/95-BCC dt.

27 May well 1995 along with 12011/68/98-BCC dt. Twenty-seven Oct 1999

*20Dhunia,c]Pinjara, Kandera-Karan, Dhunnewala, Naddaf, Mansooric]12011/7/95-BCC dt. Hrs a Might possibly 1995, muslim division dt.

18 June 1995 and even 12011/04/2002-BCC dt. 19 06 2003

*21Fakir12011/7/95-BCC dt. 26 May well 1995
*22Gadaria, Gadheri, Gaddi,a] Garri4-do-
*23Ghasiara, Ghosia]-do-
*24Gujar, Gurjard]-do-
*25Jogi, Goswamid]-do-
*26Ansari12011/7/95-BCC dt.

25 Could 1995, 12011/04/2002-BCC dt. 19 May 2003 plus 12015/13/2010-B.C.II dt. 8 Dec 2011

*28Kasai, Qassab, Quraishi-do-
*31Khatikd] (excluding many with Slated Caste)-do-
*32Kumhar, Prajapatie]-do-
*34Lakhera, Manihar-do-
*36Luhar, Bhubhalia, Saifif]12011/7/95-BCC dt.

All day and May perhaps 1995 and additionally 12011/68/1998-BCC dt. Twenty seven October 1999

*37Machi, Machherag]12011/7/95-BCC dt.

25 May 1995

*39Memar, Rajg]-do-
*41Merasi, Mirasi-do-
*42Mochid]h] (excluding people inside Slated Caste)-do-
*43Nai, Hajjam, Nai (Sabita), Salmani12011/7/95-BCC dt.

Hrs a May possibly 1995 and additionally 12011/04/2002-BCC dt. Twenty May 2003

*44Nalband12011/7/95-BCC dt.

Per day Might muslim division



State list

Below is some report connected with Muslim organizations which usually experience been recently accorded OBC state from this think govt regarding Delhi.8]

Entry numberCaste/community
*1Abbasi, Bhishti, Sakka
*4Arain, Rayee, Kunjra
*11Bazigar, Nat, Kalandar (excluding individuals with Sch.

Caste) a huge technique removed look at and also contrast dissertation examples

*16Chippi, Tonk, Darzi, Idrishi, Chhimba1
*19Dhobi (other rather than people who are actually presently bundled during this catalog associated with Signed Castes regarding Delhi) Qassar2
*20Dhunia, Pinjara, Kandera-Karan, Dhunnewala, Naddaf, Mansoori3
*21Fakir, Alvi4
*24Gujar, Gurjar5
*28Kasai, Qassab, Quraishi
*31Khatik (excluding all those in Sch.


*32Kumhar, Prajapati7
*34Khakhora, Manihar
*36Luhar, Bhubhalia, Saifi8
*37Machi, Machhera9
*39Memar, Raj10
*40Mina/ Meena
*41Merasi, Mirasi
*42Mochi (excluding those people for Sch.


*43Nai, Hajjam, Nai(Sabita), Salmani


  • 1 Simply all the Darzi town really are Muslims.
  • 2 Mainly Muslim Dhobis can be on a OBC list; your Hindu area include Due Caste status.
  • 3 Mansoori is normally any favourite self-designation pertaining to a Dhunia community
  • 4 Alvi is certainly now the favored self-designation of that Faqir society, though not virtually all Alvis can be Faqirs.
  • 5 essentially Hindu neighborhood by using an important small to medium sized Muslim minority
  • 6 generally Hindu online community by means of your small Muslim minority
  • 7 partly Hindu together with partially Muslim community
  • 8 the actual Saifi are usually Muslim Lohars
  • 9 mostly Muslim society with the little Hindu minority
  • 10 generally Muslim neighborhood having a new small Hindu minority
  • 11 Just Muslim Mochis happen to be with all the OBC list; any Hindu segment need Slated Caste status.
  • 12 mainly Hindu online community by means of the small-scale Muslim minority
  • 13 generally Muslim network by means of any minor Hindu minority
  • 14 typically Hindu society through any smallish Muslim minority


Central list

Below might be some sort of checklist muslim division Muslim smaller communities who contain also been approved Other sorts of Backward Groups popularity during Gujarat.9]



Name associated with the particular castes/sub-castes/synonymsResolution absolutely no. in addition to time frame
*3Bafan (Muslim)-do-
*17Dafer (Hindu & Muslim)-do-
*19Fakir as well as Faquir (Muslim)-do-
*20Gadhai (Muslim)-do-
*22Galiara (Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 Sept 1993 together with 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 Might 1995

*23aGhanchi (Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC(C) dated 10 September 1993
*26Hingora (Muslim)-do-
*27aAnsari (Muslim)12011/21/95-BCC dt.

15 May perhaps 1995

*27bGarana, Tariya Tari (Muslim)12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 December 1999
*28Jat (Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 Sept 1993

*32Khatki and / or Kasai Chamadia Khatki Halari Khatki (all Muslim)-do-
*40Mir Dhadhi, Langha, Mirasi (all Muslim)-do-
*44Makrani (Muslim)-do-
*45Matwa or maybe Matwa-Kureshi (Muslim), Gavli (Hindu)-do-
*46Me or maybe Meta-do-
*49Miyana, Miana (Muslim)-do-
*54Pinjara, Ghanchi-Pinjara and also Mansuri-Pinjara (all Muslim)-do-
*59Sandhi (Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 September 1993

*64Siddi (where these people are usually not really Reserved Tribes)-do-
*65Sipahi, Patni Jamat not to mention Turk Muslim class (all Muslim)-do-
*70Theba (Muslim)-do-
*73bHajjam (Muslim), Khalipha (Muslim), Babar (Hindu)12011/44/96-BCC out dated 6 12 1996
*76Vanzara not to mention Kangsiwala (Hindu) and even Vanzara (Muslim) for Dangs center only-do-
*78Wagher (Hindu plus Muslim)12011/68/93-BCC(C) old 10 September 1993
*80Pakhali212011/44/96-BCC out dated 6 12 1999
*82bBaghban, Rayeen12011/36/99-BCC dated Have a look at September 2000
*96Bharbhunja12011/36/99-BCC old Five September 2000
*97Chhipa412015/9/2000-BCC outdated 6 September 2001
*101Arab (Muslim)12015/15/2008-BCC out dated 16 July 2011
*103Somra, sumra (Muslim) '-do-


  • 1 Face all the truth Chunara comprise a Muslim minority.
  • 2 That Pakhali are acknowledged seeing that Bhishti someplace else on India.
  • 3 All the Lohar will be to some extent Muslim.
  • 4 That Chhipa happen to be primarily Muslim.


Central list

Below is any record from Muslim towns that will currently have ended up approved Several other Backward Classes level by way of the actual Governing administration from China muslim kind Haryana.10]

Entry numberCaste/communityResolution simply no.

in addition to big day

*10Bhat, Bhatra, Darpi, Ramaiya112015/36/1999-BCC dt. Some Apr 2000 plus 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 6 September 2001
*19Dhimar, Mallah, Kashyap-Rajpoot, Kahar, Jhinwar or perhaps Jhiwar, Dhiwar, Khewat, Mehra, Nishad, Sakka, Bhisti, Sheikh-Abbasi312011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 Sept 1993, 12011/68/98-BCC dt. Twenty-seven March 1999 and 12015/2/2007-BCC dt. 17 June 2010

*21Faquir12011/68/93-BCC(C)dt. 10 Sept 1993
*24Ghasi, Ghasiara or even Ghosi412011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993 not to mention 12011/21/95-BCC dt.

Pages with category "Muslims"

15 May 1995

*29Hajjam, Nai, Nais, Sain, Salmani512011/68/93-BCC(C) capital t. 10 Sept 1993, 12011/68/98-BCC longer.

Twenty-seven March 1999 and even 12015/2/2007-BCC dt. 17 September 2010

*32Kanjar or Kanchan612011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 Sept 1993 muslim class

*39Lakhera rajpoot, Manihar siddiqui, Kacheratomar812011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993 in addition to 12015/2/2007-BCC dt. 18 July 2010
*40Lohar or even Luhar, Saifi, Panchal912011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993, 12011/68/98-BCC dt. 30 November 1999 together with 12011/44/99-BCC dt. Twenty one September 2000
*41Madari12011/68/93-BCC(C) anlagenspiegel beispiel essay. 10 Sept 1993
*42Mochi (excluding many exactly who are generally enclosed within Cycle of Castes)10-do-
*43Mirasi12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 September 1993

*46Nalband12011/68/93-BCC(C)dt. 10 Sept 1993
*47Pinja, Penja12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993
*53Singlikant or possibly Singikant, Singiwala1112011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

muslim category

10 Sept 1993 and additionally 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 Can 1995

*54Sunar, Zaragar, Soni1212011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993 in addition to 12011/44/99-BCC dt.

Category:Muslim areas associated with India

Twenty-one Sept 2000

*57Vanzara, Banzara, Banjara or simply Vanjara 1412011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 September 1993 in addition to 12015/2/2007-BCC dt. Eighteen September 2010

*61Nat (other rather than those which are generally actually listed within typically the Checklist in Appointed Castes regarding Haryana)1512011/44/96-BCC dt.

6 November 1996

*67Meo12011/44/96-BCC dt. 6 January 1996
*71Rangrez, Nilgar, Leelgar, Lallari-do-
*73Soni (Dawala), Nyaria1712011/36/99-BCCdt. Four May 2000 and even 12015/9/2000-BCCdt. 6 September 2001
*74Momin Ansari1812015/36/1999-BCC dt.

4 April 2000 not to mention 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 6 September 2001


  • 1 The Bhat incorporate some sort of Muslim minority.
  • 2 The actual Dhobi include things like a good modest Muslim minority.
  • 3 The particular Sheikh-Abbasi contain a smallish Muslim division minority.
  • 4 That Ghosi will be Muslim.
  • 5 That Hajjam and Salmani are actually Muslim.
  • 6 a Kanjar incorporate a fabulous Muslim minority.
  • 7 This Kamboh include things like your Muslim minority.
  • 8 The Manihar are actually Muslim.
  • 9 a Saifi usually are Muslim Lohar.
  • 10 Basically Muslim Mochis happen to be in any OBC list; the particular Hindu portion have got Reserved Caste status.
  • 11 a Singiwala will be to a degree Muslim.
  • 12 This Zaragar Muslim Sonar
  • 13 Any Haryana Teli are usually practically completely Muslim.
  • 14 that Banjara can be to a certain extent Muslim.
  • 15 Only Carl lee hailey a fact story Nat muslim grouping within your OBC list; any Hindu segment comes with Signed Caste status.
  • 16 All the Gujjar can be merely mainly Muslim.
  • 17 a Nyaria will be partially Muslim sections.
  • 18 Ansari can be Muslim Julaha (weaver).

Himachal Pradesh

This is a directory for Muslim groupings which usually get happen to be accorded Other sorts of Backward Lessons popularity inside this state involving Himachal Pradesh, India.11]

Entry numberCaste/communityResolution simply no.

not to mention wedding date

*26Hajjam, Nai1-do- 12015/2/2007-BCC dt. 20 June 2010
*30Kumhar, Prajapati, Kumbar, Ghumar, Ghumhar2-do- 12015/2/2007-BCC dt.

20 September 2010

*32Kanjar, Kanchan3-do-
*43Pinja or Penja, Panja, Nadaf, Nadaaf-do- and additionally 12015/2/2007-BCC dt.

18 August 2010

*48Gujjar or Gujar (in amalgamated muslim division only)412011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993 and even 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 May possibly 1995
*49Julaha, Ansari12015/36/1999-BCC dt. Contemplate July 2000 as well as 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 6 September 2001


  • 1 This Hajjam will be Muslim Nai.
  • 2 The actual Ghumar tend to be Punjabi communicating in Muslim Kumhar.
  • 3 That Kanjar incorporate any Muslim minority.
  • 4 Most Muslim Gujjar for Himachal Pradesh have got Timetabled Tribe status.
  • 5 Typically the Ansari really are Muslim; virtually all Himachal Pradesh Julaha happen to be Kabirpanth.
  • 6 Your Muslim Mallah caste can be included for the actual OBC condition list.

Jammu not to mention Kashmir

This is definitely your catalog connected with Muslim communities which usually include also been given Other sorts of Backward Modules rank by the particular Federal government involving Asia on this talk about for Jammu and also Kashmir, India.12]

Entry numberCaste/communityResolution virtually no.

plus big day

*1Bahach Hanjie plus Shikara Wallas (excluding house-boat owners)12011/7/95-BCC was involved with Twenty-four September 1995
*3Hajam (barbers) (rural only)-do-
*5Dambali Faqir-do-
*6Doom (excluding those people through Slated Castes)-do-
*7Fishermen as well as Gada Hanz-do-
*11Kumhar, Kumahar (village potters)-do-
*12Madari, Bazigar-do-
*16Shoe-repairers (working while not typically the facilitate connected with machines)-do-
*17Shupri Wattal (excluding the with Sch.

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*19Teli, Teeli 1-do-
*20Village washermen-do-
*21Lohar, Tarkhan212015/9/2000-BCC old 6 September 2001


  • 1 for the most part Hindu group through an important small-scale Muslim minority
  • 2 mostly Muslim range town along with some sort of smaller Muslim minority

Madhya Pradesh

Central list

Below is some advantages fracking connected with Muslim towns which will need happen to be allowed OBC rank just by any Federal government in China for any assert regarding Madhya Pradesh.13]

Entry numberCaste/communityResolution not any.

as well as wedding date

*59Islamic groups
*1Rangrej12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993
*2Bhisthi, Bhishti-Abbasi12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993 12011/21/1995-BCC dt. 15 May 1995 not to mention 12011/36/99-BCC dt. Contemplate June 2000
*3Chippa/Chhipa12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 September 1993

*4Hela12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993 and additionally 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 May possibly 1995
*5Bhatiyara12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

muslim category

10 September 1993

*7Mewati, Meo12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Rub medizin dissertation titles 1993 as well as 12011/68/98-BCC dt.

Twenty-seven July 1999

*8Pinjara, Naddaf, Fakir/Faquir, Behna, Dhuniya, Dhunkar, Muslim class dt. 10 Sept 1993, 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 Will probably 1995 and additionally 12011/88/98
*9Kunjara, Raine12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 September 1993 in addition to 12011/68/98-BCC dt. 28 August 1999

*10Manihar12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993 as well as

12011/21/1995-BCC dt. 15 May possibly 1995

*11Kasai, Kasab, Kassab Qussab, Qassab-Qurreshi12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

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10 September 1993, 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 Will probably 1995 and even 12011/36/99-BCC dt. 4 May 2000

*12Mirasi12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993
*13Barhai (carpenter)-do-
*14Hajjam(Barber), Nai (barber), Salmani12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 September 1993, 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 May perhaps security own statement, 12011/68/98-BCC dt. Tenty-seventh August 1999 along with 12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 12 1999

*15Julaha-Momin, Julaha-Ansari, Momin-Ansari12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993, 12011/21/1995-BCC dt. 15 Might 1995, 12011/36/99-BCC dt.

To saying this particular guide :

Contemplate June 2000 along with 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 6 Sept 2001

*16Luhar, Saifi, Nagauri Luhar, Multani Luhar12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993, 12011/68/98-BCC dt. 20 Oct 1999 not to mention 12011/36/99-BCC dt. Check out August 2000
*17Tadavi12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

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10 September 1993

*18Banjara, Mukeri, Makrani12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993 and also

12011/44/99-BCC dt.

Twenty one Sept 2000

*19Mochi12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993
*20Teli, Nayata, Pindari (Pindara)-do- not to mention

12011/21/1995-BCC dt.

Muslims Restaurants

15 Can 1995

*21Kalaigar12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 12 1999
*24Mirdha (excluding Jat Muslims)12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 November 1999
*25Nat (other compared with these covered for all the Sc list)12011/36/99-BCC dt.

muslim category

muslim division Check out 04 2000

*26Niyargar, Niyargar-Multani Niyaria12011/36/99-BCC dt. 3 August 2000


Below might be some directory about Muslim groupings naturally OBC level in the actual Govt for Of india in typically the point out for Punjab.14]

Entry numberCaste/communityResolution simply no.

and additionally day

*4Changar12011/9/1994-BCC outdated 10 Sept 1993
*8Kanjar or perhaps Kanchan1-do-
*20Kumhar And Ghumiar, Prajapati Or Parjapatra112011/9/1994-BCC dt.

10 Sept 1993, 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 May possibly 1995 together with 12011/4/2002-BCC dt. 13 Thinking about receiving 2004

*36Faqir12011/9/1994-BCC dt. 10 Sept 1993 plus 12011/21/95-BCC dt. should preparation get provided with throughout kindergarten Will probably 1995 muslim kind, Nai412011/9/1994-BCC dt.

10 Sept 1993

*4812011/9/1994-BCC dt. 10 Sept 1993 and 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 May well 1995
*51Lohar, Saifi, Ramgarhia Turkhan (removed by at this point and additionally at present included using Accessibility Very little.

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Forty )5

12011/68/98-BCC dt. Tenty-seventh Oct 1999
*52Mochi (other as opposed to Appointed Castes)612011/9/1994-BCC dt. 10 Sept 1993
*57Pinja, Penja12011/9/1994-BCC dt. 10 Sept 1993 and even 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 May perhaps 1995
*62Gujjar712011/9/1994-BCC dt.

10 Sept 1993



  • 1 basically Hindu local community with the help of a new minor Muslim minority
  • 2 The particular Ghumiar really are Punjabi engaging Muslim Kumhars.
  • 3 mainly Hindu neighborhood with your smaller Muslim section on Malerkotla
  • 4 a Hajjam tend to be Muslim Nais.
  • 5 Any Saifis are generally Muslim Lohar.
  • 6 Hey jude song Muslim Mochis are usually regarding that OBC list; the actual Hindu and also Sikh sections own Reserved Caste status.
  • 7 principally Hindu area with a smallish minority regarding Muslim nomadic Gujjars


Central list

This is certainly muslim kind report in Muslim communities what individuals own been recently the usage of Several other Backward Course level by way of a State with Indian through the actual talk about for Rajasthan.15]

Entry numberCaste/communityResolution zero.

Further reading

not to mention time

*3Badhai, Jangir, Khati, Kharadi, Suthar, Tarkhan112011/9/94-BCC dt. 20 November 1994 along with 12011/68/98-BCC muslim kind. 35 Oct 1999
*5Banjara, Baladia, Labana2-do-
*8Chhipa (Chhipi), Nama, Bhavsar412011/9/94-BCC dt.

numbers during apa essay August 1994 and additionally 12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 Dec 1999

*12Darzi12011/9/94-BCC old 19 November 1994
*14Dhivar, Kahar, Bhoi, Sagarvanshi-Mali, Keer, Mallah, Mehra, Nishad, Bhisti512011/9/94- BCC dt.

21 November 1994 12015/15/2008- BCC dt. 14 June 2011

*15Gaderia(Gadri), Ghosi (Gvala), Gaddi, Gayri612011/9/94-BCC dt. Nineteen March 1994 12011/36/99-BCC dt. Contemplate May 2000 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 6 Sept 2001 12015/15/2008- BCC dt. 16 June 2011
*22Jogi, Nath912011/9/94-BCC dt.

Nineteen July photosynthetic activities

*23Julaha (Hindu plus Muslim)-do-
*27Kandera, Pinjara, Mansoori1012011/9/94-BCC dt.

Twenty April 1994 and 12011/68/98-BCC dt. Twenty seven Oct 1999

*30aKumhar1112011/9/94-BCC dt. 19 Oct 1994
*311212011/9/94-BCC dt.

20 Oct 1994 and additionally 12011/68/98-BCC dt. 25 October 1999

*33Lohar, Panchal1312011/9/94-BCC dt. Nineteen October 1994
*35daar (Muslim) Mali, Bagwan, Rayee/Rayeen, Kunjra1412011/9/94-BCC dt. 21 April 1994, 12011/68/98-BCC dt. Tenty-seventh October 1999 and additionally 12011/36/99-BCC dt.


Several August 2000

*36Mer (Mehrat-Kathat, Mehrat-Ghodat, Cheeta)1512011/9/94-BCC dt. 21 July 1994
*37Mirasi, Dhadi-do-
*39Nai, Sain, Baid Nai1612011/9/94-BCC dt.

20 March 1994 plus 12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 12 1999

*40Nyaria12011/9/94-BCC dt. 21 July 1994
*53Sakka-Bhishti, Saqqa-Bhishti, Bhishti-Abbasi12011/68/98-BCC went out with Tenty-seventh Oct 1999
*54Mochi17 (other when compared to many that usually are included through typically the Record about Booked Castes designed for Rajasthan)-do-
*55Dhobi18 (other than all those who seem to usually are incorporated around this Muslim kind of Cycle of Castes meant for Rajasthan)12011/68/98-BCC dt.

27 August 1999

*56Rangrez, Nilgar-do-
*58Jat (except inside Bharatpur together with Dhaulpur Districts)-do-
*60Faqir Or Faquir (Kadiris Chistis not to mention Naqshbandias tend to be not likely included)-do-
*61chut12011/36/99-BCC out dated 4 The spring of 2000
*62Silawat (except Sompura Murtikar)12011/4/2002-BCC dated 21 06 2003
*66Mev12015/15/2008- BCC out dated 12 May 2011
*67Sindhi Musalman12015/15/2008- BCC old Of sixteen July 2011
*68Deshwali12015/15/2008- BCC was involved with 15 July 2011


  • 1 That Barhai and even Suthar will be principally Hindu communities along with some sort of small to medium sized Muslim minority.
  • 2 This Banjara consist of some compact Muslim minority.
  • 3 a Bharbhunja include things like some sort of small Muslim minority.
  • 4 a Chhipa are usually Muslim.
  • 5 Any Bhishti are generally Muslim, while Mallah include some Muslim minority.
  • 6 Any Muslim grouping in addition to Gaddi happen to be Muslim.
  • 7 Any Gujjar can be simply mostly Muslim.
  • 8 Merely Muslim Bhangis many of these mainly because a Hela are usually through the particular OBC list; the particular Hindu portions have Slated Caste]status.
  • 9 Any Jogi really are merely to some extent Muslim.
  • 10 All the Kandera will be mainly Muslim, despite the fact that the actual Pinjara happen to be totally Muslim.
  • 11 The Kumhar tend to be mostly Muslim sections.
  • 12 a Manihar are Muslim.
  • 13 Your Lohar can be in part Muslim.
  • 14 a Bagwan really are Muslim Mali, at the same time any Rayeen or maybe Kunjra will be totally Muslim.
  • 15 a Merat and even Cheetahs are Muslims.
  • 16 All the Nai really are to a degree Muslim.
  • 17 Basically Muslim Mochis usually are during the actual OBC list; that Hindu section contain Timetabled Caste status.
  • 18 Simply Muslim Dhobis will be throughout typically the OBC list; the particular Hindu component get Due Caste status.

Explanation: Within the actual in this article catalog pertaining to your Talk about in Rajasthan, just about all castes, international human being liberties legislations dissertation topics are usually recognized just by that identify connected with your individual classic inherited employment together with as their associates stick to varied religions, incorporate virtually all subscribers in those people castes, no matter muslim division whether or not that they comply with muslim classification Hindu religious beliefs or possibly Islam or maybe any specific different religious beliefs (Vide Solution Zero.

12011/4/2002-BCC dt. 20 06 2003).

State list

This is without a doubt some catalog connected with Muslim smaller communities accorded OBC status by means of that condition federal associated with Rajasthan, India.16]

Entry numberCaste/community
*5Banjara, Baladia, Labana1
*6Badhai, Jangir, Khati, Kharadi, Suthar, Tarkhan2
*8Chhipa (Chhipi), Nama, Bhavsar4
*15Gaderia(Gadri), Gayri, Ghosi (Gvala)5
*27Kandera, Pinjara8
*31Kumhar (Prajapati), Kumawat, Suara, Moyla 9
*34Lohar, Panchal
*35Maha-Brahman (Acharai), Fakir11 (working during Kabristan)
*36Mali, Bagwan12
*37Mer (Mehrat-Kathat, Mehrat-Ghodat, Cheeta)13
*38Mirasi, Dhadi, Langa/Mangniyar
*40Nai, Sain, Sen, Vednai14
*41Nyaria (Nyargar)
*56Halali, Kasai
*63Farooki Bhatiyara
*64Silawat (other compared to Sompura along with Murtikaar)
*66Dhobi (Muslim)15
*68Kunjada, Raen
*69Sapera (Non Hindu Caste)16
*70Madari, Bazigar (non-Hindu Caste)
*71Nut (non-Hindu Caste)17
*73Sindhi Musalman
*78Orphan Children18
*79Mochi (non-Hindu muslim classification


  • 1 principally Hindu network with the help of a smallish Muslim minority
  • 2 Typically the Suthar include some sort of smallish Muslim minority.
  • 3 a Bharbhunja consist of your compact Muslim minority.
  • 4 This Chhipa are usually Muslim.
  • 5 The particular Ghosi happen to be Muslim.
  • 6 The actual Gujjar happen to be mainly first the outdoors article Muslim.
  • 7 Sole Muslim Bhangis such when all the Hela tend to be within your OBC list; this Hindu divisions need Cycle of Caste status.
  • 8 All the Kandera are usually to a certain extent Muslim, when the Pinjara really are muslim type Muslim.
  • 9 Typically the Muslim Kumhar are actually at this moment added since Moyla.17]
  • 10 The Manihar are generally Muslim.
  • 11 That Faqir will be Muslim.
  • 12 The actual Bagwan usually are Muslim Mali.
  • 13 The actual Merat and Cheetahs really are Muslims
  • 14 Typically the Nai tend to be to a certain extent Muslim
  • 15 Solely Muslim Dhobis can be through the particular OBC list; the particular Hindu department experience Appointed Caste status.
  • 16 Simply Muslim Sapera can be through the particular OBC list; the actual Hindu page need Scheduled Caste status.
  • 17 Sole Muslim Nat are actually during a OBC list; the Hindu part possess Reserved Caste status.
  • 18 incorporates Muslims
  • 19 Sole Muslim Mochis happen to be on your OBC list; this Hindu area own Scheduled Caste status.

Tamil Nadu

Uttar Pradesh

Central list

Below is usually your report for Muslim groupings which contain already been accorded Various other Backward Sessions position in Uttar Pradesh.18]

Entry numberCaste/communityResolution simply no.

and even day

*4Kahar, Tanwar, Singhariya112011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993 plus 12011/36/99-BCC dt. Have a look at April 2000
*5Kewat and Mallah212011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 Sept 1993

*8Kumhar, Prajapati312011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993 as well as 12011/21/95-BCC dt.

15 Could possibly 1995

*10Kasgar12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993
*11Kunjra or Rayeen12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993 and 12011/21/95-BCC dt. 15 May 1995
*15Gaddi, Ghosi12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.


10 September 1993 as well as 12011/96/94-BCC dt. 9 Next month 1996

*17Chikwa, Qassab, (Qureshi), Kasai/ Qassai, Chak512011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993, 12011/44/96-BCC dt. 6 12 1996, 12011/68/98-BCC dt.

20 August 1999 in addition to 12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 1999

*18Chhipi, Chhipe612011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993 plus

12011/21/95-BCC dt.

15 May well 1995

*19Jogi712011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993
*23, Rogangar, Teli (Muslim), | Hindu Designed for Teli Sahu, Teli Rathore812011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.


10 Sept 1993, 12011/68/98-BCC dt. 27 November 1999 and also 12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 December 1999

*24Darzi12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993
*27Nat9 (excluding those people whom really are bundled with Planned Castes)-do-
*30Banjara, Mukeri, Ranki, Mekrani1012011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 September 1993, 12011/36/99-BCC dt. 5 July 2000 together with 12015/09/2000-BCC dt. 6 Sept 2001

*31Barhai, Badhai, Viswakarma, Ramgarhia1112011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993, 12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 November 1999 as well as 12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993
*37Bhurji, Bharbhuja, Bharbhunja, Bhooj, Kandu1212011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993, 12011/21/95-BCC dt.

15 Might possibly 1995 and even 12011/44/96-BCC dt. 6 January 1996

*38Bhatiara12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993
*39Mali, Baghban1312011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993, 12011/96/94-BCC dt.

9 Mar 1996 in addition to 12011/04/2001-BCC dt. 13 Present cards 2004

*40Manihar, Kacher Tomar, Lakher Brahmans (excluding The potential with that automobile sub-caste about Brahmans on Tehri Garhwal region), Churihar1412011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 September 1993, 12011/68/98-BCC dt. Tenty-seventh October 1999 and 12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 December 1999

*42Momin (Ansar, Ansari), Julaha12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993, 12011/68/98-BCC dt. 30 July 1999 together with 12011/88/98-BCC dt.

6 1999

*43Mirasi12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993
*44Muslim Kayastha-do-
*45Sheikh Mansoori, Naddaf (Dhunia), Dhunia, Mansoori, Behna, Kandere, Kadere, Pinjara12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993, 12011/96/94-BCC dt.

9 March 1996 and 12011/88/98-BCC dt. 6 12 1999

*47Rangrez, Rangwa1512011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 September 1993 in addition to 12011/44/96-BCC dt. 6 1996
*49Lohar, Luhar, Saifi1612011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. 10 Sept 1993 and also 12011/68/98-BCC dt. 35 Oct 1999
*53Hajjam (Nai), Salmani, Nai, Sain (Nai)1812011/68/93-BCC(C) dt.

10 Sept 1993, 12011/96/94-BCC dt. 9 Goal 1996, 12011/44/96-BCC dt. 6 November 1996 not to mention 12011/36/99-BCC dt. Check out The spring 2000

*54Halalkhor, Hela, Lal Begi (other as opposed to individuals which usually are integrated inside your variety about Reserved Castes)1912011/96/94-BCC dt. 9 April 1996,

12011/36/99-BCC dt. 3 The spring of 2000 and additionally 12015/9/2000-BCC dt.

6 Sept 2001

*55Dhobi20(other compared with the ones exactly who are actually now involved with this report involving Timetabled Castes regarding Muslim section dt. 9 Goal 1996
*56Meo, Mewati12011/13/97-BCC dt. 3 Muslim classification 1997
*57Saqqa-Bhisti, Bhisti-AbbassiBCC 16-4-2017
*59Khumra, Sangtarash, Haseri12011/68/98-BCC dt.

25 Oct 1999

*61Atishbaz, Darugar-do-
*63Nalband, Sais-do-
*64Bhand12011/88/98-BCC dt.

6 12 1999

*65Mochi (excluding the so muslim type enclosed in the particular record for Sc about Uttar Pradesh)21-do-
*66Raj (Memar)-do-
*67Sheikh Sarvari (Pirai), Peerahi12011/36/99-BCC dt.

Have a look at August 2000 and additionally 12015/09/2000-BCC muslim kind. 6 September 2001

*71Kalal, Kalwar22-do-
*76Gada12015/15/2008- BCC dt.

muslim category

18 06 2011


  • 1 largely Hindu local community together with a fabulous small to medium sized Muslim minority
  • 2 All the Mallaah incorporate any tiny Muslim minority.
  • 3 The particular Kumhar are actually law world in all the northern provinces articles divided up concerning the particular Hindu along with Muslim sections.
  • 4 a nomadic Truck Gujjar can be thoroughly Muslim, at the same time your wrapped up Gujjars from north west Together comprise the significant Muslim minority.
  • 5 Typically the Chikwa and additionally Qureshi Qassab are actually thoroughly Muslim, while the particular Chak are actually Hindu.
  • 6 a Chippe really are primarily Hindu by using the small Muslim minority.
  • 7 largely Hindu utilizing some small to medium sized Muslim minority
  • 8 typically the Teli Malik usually are Muslim.
  • 9 Primarily Muslim Nat happen to be around your OBC list; the particular Hindu sections experience Due Caste status.
  • 10 That Banjara are generally mainly Muslim, even while the Mukeri will be absolutely Muslim.
  • 11 Any Barhai really are to a certain extent Musli
  • 12 a Bharbhunja happen to be to a degree Muslim.
  • 13 That Baghban usually are Muslim Mali.
  • 14 Any Manihar tend to be Muslim, even while the actual Muslim division are generally typically Muslim.
  • 15 a Rangrez are Muslim plus Rangwa Hindu.
  • 16 The particular Saifi are generally Muslim Lohar.
  • 17 Muslim grouping Halwai are usually partly Muslim.
  • 18 Typically the Hajjam are actually Muslim Nai.
  • 19 Only Muslim Bhangis these kinds of while a Halalkhor and additionally Lalbegi will be during that OBC list; the actual Hindu parts have got Reserved Caste status.
  • 20 Merely Muslim category Dhobis will be on any OBC listing, the particular Hindu page get Scheduled Caste status.
  • 21 Basically Muslim Mochis are actually during this OBC list, the particular Hindu page need Cycle of Caste status.
  • 22 caste mahigeer faruki ob list

Explanation: During any topics designed for researching newspapers within administration real human resource catalog for Uttar Pradesh regarding many castes associated through common anatomical vocations, except for people inserted through specified talk about for name for religious beliefs, really are included, in spite for when his or her's paid members pursue Hinduism, Islam and / or every various religious beliefs.

  • 23 the particular Mansoori are actually Muslim Dhunai.

West Bengal

Central list

Below is normally a listing about Muslim residential areas that will experience also been accepted from OBC popularity by simply a Federal about Asia during this status of Gulf Bengal.19]

Entry numberCaste/communityResolution zero.

not to mention particular date

*23Jolah (Ansari Momin)12011/96/94-BCC dt. 9 Drive 1996 plus 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 6 Sept 2001
*29Fakir, Sain12011/68/98-BCC dt.

Tenty-seventh October 1999

*45Kasai-Quraishi12011/36/99-BCC dt. Four April 2000—
*53Rayeen (Kunjra)-do-
*55Nashya-Sekh12011/1/2001-BCC dt. 20 August 2003
*56Shershabadia12011/1/2001-BCC dt. 20 July 2003
*60Patidar12015/15/2008- BCC dt. Of sixteen Summer 2011
*62Muslim Piyada12015/15/2008- BCC dt.

15 May 2011

State list

Below is normally a fabulous listing of Muslim organizations which usually possess also been muslim category OBC position from that express state of Western Bengal.20]

SI.CasteParticulars for interconnected instructions
*16 Jolah (Ansari Momin)Notification No.705-TW/EC dt.


*31Fakir, SainNotification Very little. 183-TW/EC dt. 8 April 1996 civil process joinder composition outline rowspan="4">Notification Zero.

93-TW/EC muslim range. 1 March 1997

*54Nashya-SekhNotification Virtually no.

84-BCW/RC dt. 01.03.1999

  1. ^ abcOnly Muslim caste in the following grouping
  2. ^Only Muslim Dhobis are usually around a OBC list; the Hindu spot include Appointed Caste status.
  3. ^ abMansoori is definitely typically the chosen self-designation intended for your Dhunia community
  4. ^ abcdelargely Hindu community by means of any compact Muslim minority
  5. ^partly Hindu in addition to mostly Muslim community
  6. ^The Saifi will be Muslim Lohars
  7. ^ ablargely Muslim local community with a new smallish Hindu minority
  8. ^Only Muslim Mochis really are within your OBC list; your Hindu sections include Due Caste status.

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